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We are Paul and Tracey Booth, husband and wife team behind United Property Investments, and we love working with our clients and joint venture partners to deliver guaranteed returns on their investments.

Visiting our website, you may decide to go ahead and contact us to learn more, or of course you may decide we’re not the people to help you.  Either way, that’s fine, as the purpose of our website is to help you make the right decision for YOU.  So to help you make YOUR decision, we thought a little information about us might help.


We’ve been married for 22 years and started our business career in the automotive alarm and security business.  If you’re old enough (and brave enough to admit it), you’ll remember the days when new cars didn’t have alarms as standard, and we built a business installing alarms in fleets of company cars. Now of course, every new car has an alarm and immobiliser as standard, and so our business has now changed to supply specialist car accessories www.safeandsounduk.com.  We are fortunate to have been pretty successful in our business, which has lead us to look for ways to invest the money we made, and back in 1997 we started investing in properties for ourselves.


Having invested in property for a number of years, we found we were being asked on a regular basis how we went about investing successfully.  We had been through several ups and downs in the market of course most recently the crash of 2007 to 2010, when many investors suffered the consequences of what’s probably best described as over-exposure and pushing their luck.  The experience we have built means that whilst we are all looking for better and bigger returns on our money, security and good-business sense remain in the front of our minds.


Many of our clients already have successful businesses, which usually means they are time short.  Wherever you are in the UK or abroad, we source and manage property investments for you, and with a unique business model are able to provide you with a guaranteed return on your investment.


Now, it’s also fair to say, we are both Mancunians through and through.  If you’ve not spent time “UP North” you might find the way us Northerners do business a bit different, even refreshing.  We are straight talking, sometimes even blunt; that’s not us being rude, it's just the way we tend to do things.  And we never forget it is your money we are managing; many of you will know northerners are known for being careful with money.


So if you’re looking for a guaranteed return on your investment in property, working with straight-talking, down-to-earth people, who know how to make property investing in Manchester work, please get in touch with us at: property@UPinvestments.co.uk.

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